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When you need help for alcohol, don't try to do it alone. If you're addicted and try to detox on your own, you may have delirium tremens, a condition that can be fatal. Overcoming Addictions in Minneapolis, Minnesota, offers medically assisted treatment that supports a safe detox without withdrawal symptoms. You can get help for alcohol by calling or texting the team any time of the day or night. You also have your treatment at home and schedule in-person or telehealth appointments for ongoing care. Don't wait to seek help. Contact the team and start your recovery today.

When do I need help for alcohol?

Drinking is such a normal, frequent, and enjoyable part of life that it can be hard to realize when you need help. Additionally, everyone can tolerate different amounts of alcohol, making it challenging to know where to draw the line. 

If you take a step back and look at your habits and behaviors, you can usually see signs that your recreational drinking has turned into a potential problem or dependency.

You may need help for alcohol when you:

  • Consistently drink more than you should
  • Spend a lot of time drinking
  • Make excuses to drink (need it to relax or deal with stress)
  • Stop meeting responsibilities at work and home
  • Keep drinking even if it affects your health
  • Participate in risky behaviors while drinking (drunk driving, for example)
  • Drink alone or avoid your family and friends while drinking
  • Have blackouts or memory loss
  • Need to drink more to get the same effect

Craving alcohol or having withdrawal symptoms when you stop drinking are red flags that you need help.

Why is it important to get help for alcohol?

Recreational drinking gradually turns into substance abuse and addiction. Once you cross the line into dependence, you're drinking enough alcohol to put yourself at risk for many problems.

As alcohol takes over your life, it damages your personal relationships, and in many cases, you end up losing your job. Drinking also significantly increases the chance of having an automobile accident or other traumatic injury.

If you drink excessively for an extended time, you also develop health problems like anemia, nerve damage, liver disease, heart disease, and dementia.

Getting help for alcohol is vital to prevent these complications, protect your health, and ensure you have a future.

How can I get help for alcohol?

When you decide it's time to seek help, you only need to call Overcoming Addictions. The team is available 24/7 to talk with you and help you take the next step.

At Overcoming Addictions, you can get started on a safe program to detox from alcohol. Medically assisted treatment (MAT) is an outpatient approach so you can stay at home and keep working. You only need to take your medication to ensure that you don't have cravings or withdrawal symptoms.

Overcoming Addictions also offers therapy and outpatient services that provide all of the support you need throughout your recovery.

If you need help for alcohol, call Overcoming Addictions or book an appointment online today