Are you sick of suffering the withdrawals, cravings, shame,  stigma, relapses, depression and consequences of your chemical dependency?

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Addiction is a chronic brain disease-not a moral or willpower failure.

Substance use disorder is treatable.

Medication is overwhelmingly proven by far (7x) the most effective with best results.



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About Our Care

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Multiple board-certified specialists and professionals at Overcoming Addictions LLC located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, have one purpose: to help you with your lifelong recovery and reach the best you are capable of Becoming.

Overcoming Addictions LLC provides comprehensive medically assisted treatment (MAT), a specialized program that allows people to detox and recover from opioid addictions in the comfort of their own homes at an affordable price.

Professional staff is available any time of the day or night, ready to answer calls, provide a free consultation, and plan the next step: MAT treatment.

Their outpatient program has a long history of successful outcomes for patients. Overcoming Addictions LLC works closely with each person, achieving the best results that are seven times better than other programs.

No one ever waits for help at Overcoming Addictions LLC, and everyone receives outpatient MAT, either through telehealth or in-person appointments at the office. Their clinicians specialize in MAT because it's proven to successfully detox people from opioids, including prescription abuse.

During MAT, patients receive Suboxone®, a buprenorphine-containing medication that eliminates cravings and prevents withdrawal symptoms. Patients don’t need to worry about replacing one dependency with another when they detox with Suboxone.

Additionally, the clinicians can safely prescribe Suboxone indefinitely to build and support long-lasting recovery from substance abuse. By comparison, the next option for kicking an opioid addiction, methadone maintenance therapy, requires intensive outpatient or inpatient treatment and puts patients at risk of dependency.

Overcoming Addictions LLC makes it easy and affordable to get MAT detox for two essential reasons. First, everyone who wants to fight a dependency deserves the best and most effective care. And second, no one should ever try to detox without medication.

Without medication to quench cravings and withdrawal symptoms, an opioid detox is doomed to failure and can be downright dangerous.

As a science-based treatment, MAT represents that gold standard of care for safely and successfully fighting substance abuse. In addition to medication, the clinicians and the professional staff at Overcoming Addictions LLC offer ongoing outpatient recovery, including therapy that supports patients' mental health and gives them the tools needed to move forward into a thriving life.

In 2021, 100,000 Americans died from a drug overdose; 71% of those deaths were due to illegal and prescription opioids. Don't be one of them. People who have cravings are already dependent or well on the road to addiction. That means they need MAT.

End cravings, withdrawals, and relapses by calling Overcoming Addictions LLC right now to schedule an in-person or telehealth appointment.

Do you need help?

Symptoms of Addiction:

  • Wanting to cut back but not being able to
  • Spending too much time using or recovering from the substance
  • Failing to meet your work or family responsibilities
  • Giving up social or recreational activities to take drugs
  • Continuing to use the substance when you know it’s a problem
  • Needing larger amounts to get the same feeling
  • Having withdrawal symptoms if you stop using the substance
  • Having an uncontrollable urge for the substance

Why get treatment?

Leaving an old habit is like losing a reliable, comforting old friend or family member, making a hole in your life. You know you’ll miss it, So Why Do It?

  • - Survival: Every year over 100,000 die from substance abuse. No one expects to overdose.
  • - No way to tell what you buy is worthless or fatal
  • - Accidents and injuries: 50% less when sober. Same for ER and hospitalizations
  • - Disability: Acute / Chronic is frequent among users (and alcoholic liver,heart and brain failure).
  • - Infections including Hepatitis C, HIV and others.
  • - Mental health: Get relief from anxiety, depression, PTSD and stress.
  • - Restore peace,dignity, self-respect and comfort.
  • - Stop withdrawals, cravings, relapses.
  • - Finances: Your dealer costs 80% more than average treatment. Don’t stay broke.
  • - Jobs and productivity Sobriety is necessary for school, job security and promotion.
  • - Arrests, courts, jail, loss of children: it's your choice.
  • - Relationships: How many friends, family and connections are with you now versus the past?
  • - Your life: Have you lived up to what you wanted to be or could be? Are you satisfied and happy with your life?
  • - Is this really the Best Quality of Life you want and can achieve?
  • Now that you Know, Act Now
  • Text, Call, Connect and Recover with Overcoming Addictions.

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Dealing with Stigma

Only 10% of substance users ever get treatment. Why? Many feel they don't need or deserve it. Others feel it is a hopeless untreatable condition. Some can't travel or miss work. income or are needed for dependent care.But the main cause- guilt and shame.

Why Medication?

Usual treatment for substance use is talk therapy. It believes addiction is a choice- a moral and willpower failure. Recent evidence proves Addiction is a chronic genetic biochemical disease. Like Diabetes,only Medication+CBT works. Results are 7x better

Treatment: In or Out Patient?

People commonly think of treatment being 1-6 months of inpatient care. Most can not afford to lose income, job, rent, relationship disruptions of that program. Evidence shows outpatient therapy is as or more effective with best outcomes.

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